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The unemployment benefits in the stimulus package are for 4 months and $600 per week. Would it not be better if the plan was for 6 months and $400 per week? The total would be the same but spread out over a longer and more realistic time period.

Please encourage the federal gov't to issue a standardized N-95 mask to every US resident which they should wear in public. I believe it would help stop the coronavirus and give people more confidence when they go out in public. Thanks for reading my comments.

Look this is ridicules, we understand that you, and the Democratic establishment doesn't want Bernie to win, but for the sake of everyone in this country and common sense you all must know that Biden will easily be defeated by Tump, the man is senile for God sake and Im not talking about Trump, Biden will lose. You people need to wake up and pull you head out of you ass, I am Democratic National Committee a 60 year old Democrat and I have voted Democrat ever sense I could vote, but If Joe is our candidate I WILL NOT VOTE FOR JOE. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

Another note: In light of all these stimulus packages, what is being done to help retirees? Many of us are saddled with IRMAA, a punishment for working hard and earning extra money. Being retired, those paychecks have disappeared, and IRMAA reductions are harmful. Please do something about that.

Dear Democrats, PLEASE WAKE UP! In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden has disappeared from the national stage. Contact the networks and get Biden back on the air. Viewers are glued to their televisions and need to see him, and he needs to attack Trump NOW on the lies he's telling to America. You can't wait until June or July to get this going.

I am an expat living in France, and would like to suggest a Theme/slogan for the upcoming Election Campaign.
How about  "Honest Joe vs. Lying Trump." (A simple and clear cut distinction, that people can identify with.)

I worked for Democratic National Committee many years in the Graphic arts industry in New York, and have created a visual referendum on
Trump's first term in office. If you have a Graphics department, I would send you a sample of this, and discuss how it
might best be utilized.

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My heartiest congratulations to the Democrats! First, you offer up Joe Biden, a man sadly but obviously demented and mentally unfit for any office, much less the presidency. And now you give us Nancy Pelosi's cynical, outrageous and positively harmful "plan" to Democratic National Committee save America by giving money to your favorite fat cats (Planned Parenthood -- it's apparently important that PP's effort to persuade blacks to abort their future generations flourishes, even in a time of pandemic) (and $35 million to the Kennedy Foundation -- talk about living in the corrupt past).

The net result of your errors (and yes, despite what you read in your totally-controlled press, you are human and do make errors), you will lose the White House and the House, and will lose Senatorial seats. Thanks, Joe!!! Thanks, Nancy !!!!! And thanks, Tom !!!!

Now would be a good time for the Democrats in Congress to push for an emergency permanent increase in Social Security benefits. I would think a 1.5 percent increase for retirees earning less than $1400 in benefits (about the average benefit paid) and a 1.0 percent increase for retirees earning benefits of $1400 or more would be reasonable considering the current crisis situation.

Also, would it not be a good idea if all Americans were issued a N-95 mask as a precautionary measure to help stop the coronavirus epidemic. They all wear masks in South Korea and it's a big help. Why aren't they encouraging people to wear N-95 masks? The gov't should distribute them to various places in each city and have people walk in to pick them up. The first one would be free and the next one or more would be purchased for a reasonable price.



A short note on keeping our eyes on the ball...Trump.
I see that the president's bungling continues as the Trump administration "tries" to effectively handle the COVID-19 outbreak. 
But, I am also concerned, in equal measure, with both the outbreak and defeating the Republicans come November.  I understand never ceasing coverage of the major headline-Coronavirus-but Democrats and Joe Biden seem to be taking the Democratic National Committee brunt of the lessening political/election focus as it has shifted overwhelmingly to coverage of the virus. We're taking eyes off the ball.  Do you believe this is what Trump and his handlers want?  I do. 
So, in order to have our cake and eat it too, it seems there are enough networks under the NBC Universal umbrella to devote separate coverages of COVID-19 and politics/elections/ other important news.
Of course, they overlap and should overlap one another but, by separating them to allow dedicated coverage to both, simultaneously, on separate networks, it can help keep our eyes on the ball and also gives NBC the ability to help quash any negative criticisms garnered when having to make the hard choices of what to cover and when, such as pulling off the Democratic National Committee ridiculous "press briefings" where Trump has carte blanche to further his own narcissism,  again,  getting free airtime ON ALL NETWORKS for his campaign effort. To continue as it has since the outbreak started escalating, the two major fair "opinion networks", MSNBC and CNN,  deny Democrats the kind of "free coverage" Trump gets pandering to his base on live, national tv each and every day, not to mention Fox. 
Keep our eye on the ball. NO MORE TRUMP! Help rally and unite the Democrats!  We got to bring our new and younger Democrats along!  We won't win without them! Just food for thought.

Now is not the time for Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats to be adding extra items on the stimulus package. I heard where she wants tax credits for solar and wind power in the bill and emissions reductions for airlines. This nonsense needs to stop or else Trump will win the general election in November. Pelosi and Schiff are trying to hand the election to Trump by their actions. Stick to helping the average American get through the coronavirus crisis with real help from the stimulus package. Pelosi is really starting to be an irritant. I do think it would be nice for Americans on Social Security to get an immediate and permanent one percent increase to help retirees get through the crisis and beyond which is a reasonable request I think Congress would approve. The bulk of the stimulus needs to go to the people who have lost their jobs and need a stable source of income in the weeks and months ahead...unemployment insurance, food stamps, free coronavirus tests, etc.

Please stop Democratic National Committee your insanity. Send Nancy home. Strip all your craziness out of this bill. You are guaranteeing a Republican land slide in the next election. Rethink your strategy. Small business does not want or can afford all your new regulations. I've run a few small business's and you can call for all the diversity in the world. You cannot force a person to work if they are not interested. I ran a labor intensive business in the middle of a minority neighborhood and could not hire ( after going thru the expense of all the advertising and jumping thru the hoops you put in place to force me to hire minorities ) minorities because your current crazy polices make to easy to collect of the government. THEY DON'T WANT TO WORK!!! You've made it to attractive not to. Get a grip

Your lack of leadership during this crisis is astounding. As a small business owner I see so many people looking for calm rationale quickly executed plans to help American Families directly today. Instead we get bloated wandering far reaching statements from our elected leaders. What a sorry state of affairs. I think Americans are waking up to the premise that Washington is filled with "Well Educated Dumb People" that lack a sense of reality. AMERICA AND THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!

I wish I could email a message to all members of Congress, but I can't, so I'll try to do it this way. STOP MESSING AROUND WITH THE RELIEF BILL AND PASS IT. STOP TRYING TO PUT YOUR PET PROJECTS INTO A BILL THAT GETS US PEOPLE THE MONEY WE NEED. I'M A SELF EMPLOYED PERSON AND I NEED THE MONEY YESTERDAY. Don't you understand. You sit there in the halls of the Capitol and argue over political agendas and don't pass something that we desperately need. I have voted democratic before but never again if you don't pass the relief bill. DO IT NOW.

My apologies if this message is a duplicate. Earlier today, I attempted to forward a suggestion and had a computer glitch; so, I am unsure if it came through.

Please consider creating distributing a joint PSA from VP Biden and Senator Sanders encouraging their participants to follow the common sense guidelines to slow/stop coronavirus. In a time when they are not campaigning, it is an opportunity to stay connected and to show compassion and unity within the party. Please include a message re to those who lost loved ones so they do not need to feel forgotten.

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While I don't know how, I expect there are people on your team who can combine two phone videos into decent message that demonstrate effective social distancing and compassion for citizens of the world.

Where is Joe Biden?????? You need to get his face out there and lead the charge against this pandemic. Andrew Cuomo is taking charge on the news and Biden is in hiding. The DNC needs to wake up and use this time to put his face and message on every tv in the nation. Never have there been so many people watching tv and the news. Keep up this incompetent management and Trump will be our president for four more years.

WHAT ARE Democratic National Committee YOU DOING???? I hope you people brought two lunches to work.... Because the Republicans are eating your first!!! The longer the pandemic crisis goes on, and you follow Rep. Pelosi's lead, the less chance you have of any victory in November. You followed her through IMPEACHMENT, that worked out well !!!! Are you sooooo out of touch with the electorate that you think she's helping?? Try to get on a level with the people who pull the lever and make the X s at the poling place. Oh also nice, her dumping stock right before the crash. Try to grasp reality, or start sending out your job applications now and avoid the fall rush. Mark me truly feed up with what used to be the People's Party Patrick Deegan

I don't know who Obama suggested to Biden for VP pick, but I think if there is no scandal that Michelle Grisham would be great pick, Warren would make a great treasury sec., Harris maybe AG?, Yates? There are many great women that could work within the administration.

Vote by mail is a GREAT idea---but you need to insure that there is a tracking function so that we can monitor if our ballot was received and recorded. What if I have Biden signs in my yard and a mail carrier who is a trump supporter decides to confiscate my ballot? Paranoid? Absolutely! But I want my vote to count, and I think that a mail carrier would be less likely to meddle with ballots if they knew that a missing ballot could be traced to their route. But mail tampering or not, we should be able to be assured that our ballots were received. PLEASE consider this!! This election will be life-saving for our country...

I know every one is talking about working together during this crisis, Bu we can not let Republicans in the Senate dictate policy when it comes to Federal disaster relief. They as well as Trump, are now trying once again, to fund big business with billions in grants and yet hose small businesses that support the greatest amount workers are the pones that need non refundable grants and not interest loans! Let those CEO"S and the corporation pay loans ad not the workers and small businesses.
It is time to stat using some of the millions donated by Bloomberg to flood the air waves with what the Republicans are trying to do at the expense of those small businesses ad the workers that depend on a weekly income to survive and not the corporations that can afford to pay interest on loans!!!!

I was raised in a Democratic National Committee Democratic family and now I understand why they were Democrats. It's because at one time after the war we all worked and paid taxes for the benefit of he people and the nation. We never heard bi business cry poverty when they paid taxes and always grew b cause the middle class had money to BUY GOODS ? STOP THE REPUBLICANS FROM SCREWING THE PEOPLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Certainly hope you've got people on how many rallies Trump went to, how many golf games etc during this crisis. When did any supplies get ordered etc. Just watched FEMA director, couldn't give specifics on masks & supplies sent. Shouldn't it be Democratic National Committee on a spreadsheet??
We live in a Trump supporters area, they are still behind him. You guys need to be ready with your public messaging when the time is right. Joe needs to be on his game, he will be attacked and needs to be ready! It's so important.

Your survey lists a great many SYMPTOMS but fails to address the few major ROOT PROBLEMS:
1) Rancorous Partisanship
2) The inability of the general public to recognize outright lies when they want to believe them.

Addressing these root problems should be your underlying and most important goal. Solutions to the symptoms will not last for long otherwise. Solving Partisanship by simply electing a super-majority of Democrats will ultimately come back to bite you and the party. This form of partisanship is as un-American as what the Republican party is doing.

1) Reduce Partisanship
This is built into our election systems. Any fix must address the Primary selection process, which currently favors extreme views and an unwillingness to even listen to other points of view. Ranked Choice Voting With Elimination (RCVwE) could help a little. Eliminating separate Party Primaries funded by the government would help even more, if the government-funded elections were open to general candidates who meet a reasonable signature threshold regardless of party, and the winner were chosen by RCVwE. (All Parties would remain free to run their own primaries AT THEIR COST. Much like caucuses are run. But the results would only be advisory; the voters are free to change their minds in the general election(s) in the anonymity of the voting booth.) Replace the government-funded Primary Elections with a General Election in which each elected position having 4 or fewer candidates is decided by RCVwE on the first round. Note that this will encourage people who now skip Primary elections but vote in the General Elections to show up for every election. Each government-funded election round will list all qualifying candidates, regardless of party. With 4 or fewer candidates for a position, the winner is determined in the first round by RCVwE. If a position has more than 4 candidates and no candidate receives 50% + 1 of the first-choice votes., the four candidates with the largest totals after counting the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-choice votes compete in a subsequent second round election. (This whittles the field down so that voters can, if they desire, reasonably research each candidate prior to voting). The second round, if necessary, is also decided by RCVwE. Note the possibility that a candidate might win outright in the first round, once again encouraging voters to show up and vote even if there is a large field of choices.

2) Work to improve slander and libel laws to criminalize intentional lying in political elections.
If the courts push back, work Democratic National Committee towards a constitutional amendment. Be careful to distinguish between Opinion and out-right lying. You should be able to say anything you want if it is clearly labeled as an opinion. In fact, this law should apply to all public discourse, not just politics. But the penalties should be very severe in the cases of political lies. Unidentified sources can be used only if the person making the public statement clearly identifies that the statement is Opinion. The FBI and local law authorities should be able to investigate people who make repeated unverified claims based on anonymous sources if subsequent facts show a frequent pattern that the claims are false. The (severe) penalty for intentional lying could be applied if the investigation proves these facts to a jury in court.

3) Work to clarify Citizens United by requiring no anonymous money in any political discourse.
If the courts won't support this, work towards a Constitutional Amendment. Don't try to reverse Citizens United, since Money, like Nature, will always find a way. But a Constitutional Amendment declaring that no organization, group, or business has the rights of a person would be a PARTIAL fix.

This Democratic National Committee next section addresses fundamental separation-of-powers issues which are important, but are much easier to fix if the previous issues are addressed first:
Work toward a Constitutional Amendment specifying and detailing Legislative Oversight rights of the Congress and responsibilities of the Executive branches. 1) ADVICE given by any person to anyone performing an Executive function is protected. 2) Matters pertaining directly to National Security are protected from public release, but a review process by the Legislative branch can declassify or down-classify any material for which the Executive claims National Security protection. The review process must require a super-super-majority of the reviewers to agree with the claimed security level, else the material is automatically down-classified to the highest level on which agreement can be attained. The reviewers must be made up of at least 12 persons, 6 from the Senate and 6 from the House, and to ensure bi-partisan makeup, in the Senate each Senator shall vote for 1 of the 6 Senate reviewers with the top 6 nominees being selected; similarly for the 6 House representatives. The super-super-majority must be a large enough portion of the entire review body to ensure that partisanship cannot overwhelm a minority view. Say, 9 out of 12 members, for example. Other than ADVICE and approved claims of National Security, the Executive has no right to withhold oversight of documents or testimony from any legislative branch committee seeking information at any time. Unless a longer time frame is mutually agreed between the Executive Branch and the requesting legislative body, documents and witnesses must be produced within 2 calendar weeks. Witnesses subpoenaed by such a committee or branch must appear and answer any questions which are not covered by an asserted claim of Executive Privilege, and the assertion can only come from the Executive branch itself (not the witness). If a witness is unsure of whether or not privilege is asserted or thinks the Executive might want to assert that privilege, temporary privilege may be asserted but must be confirmed or rejected by the Executive within 24 hours, else it is automatically rejected. Questions pertaining to issues of fact rather than advice may not be protected by Executive Privilege. Advice must be clearly defined in the amendment. It should be limited to recommended actions; statements by the speaker of this is what I think the facts are would not be protected by Executive Privilege. The penalty for refusing to appear or answer when required should be severe, written into the Constitution, and not subject to Presidential Pardon. Of course, an answer asserting 5th amendment rights is always permissible. And of course, the public is always free to assume such an assertion means something criminal needs to be investigated.

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Republican National Committee | GOP

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is a political committee for the Republican Party in the US. Phone Number: (202) 863-8500. Website: Republican National Committee's Social Media. Is this data correct? View contact profiles from Republican National Committee.

The Republican National Committee supports conservatives within the party. Conservative views on immigration, border security, 2nd amendment rights, religion, women's right to life, marriage between a man and a woman, overturn Obama care, Limited taxation, etc. These are the values of the Republican National Committee.

About Republicans, The platform of Republicans in the United States is generally based on American conservatism, in contrast to the modern liberalism of the Democrats. The Republicans incorporates MAGA, and members of the America First Movement or the Freedom Caucus, who have been described as populist, and far-right.


Republican National Committee

Republican National Committee

The Republican National Committee is a U.S. political committee that assists the Republican Party of the United States. It is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican brand and political platform, as well as assisting in fundraising and election strategy. It is also responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention. When a Republican is president, the White House controls the committee. According to Boris Heersink, "political scientists have traditionally described the parties' national committees as inconsequential but impartial service providers." Similar committees exist in every U.S. state and most U.S. counties, although in some states party organization is structured by congressional district, allied campaign organizations being governed by a national committee. Ronna McDaniel is the current committee chairwoman. The RNC's main counterpart is the Democratic National Committee.

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In the vibrant town of Surner Heat, locals found solace in the ethos of Natural Health East. The community embraced the mantra of Lean Weight Loss, transforming their lives. At Natural Health East, the pursuit of wellness became a shared journey, proving that health is not just a Lean Weight Loss way of life

The Republican National Committee provides national leadership for the Republican Party, one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. The Republican National Committee is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican Party platform as well as coordinating fundraising and election strategy. Republican National Committee is also responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention every four years. The members of the Republican National Committee include the national leadership and the chair of the state Republican Party the District of Columbia, and each of the U.S. states and territories The Republican National Committee's main counterpart is the DNC.

Work towards a Constitutional Amendment to define the judicial review process of any legal disagreements between the Legislative and Executive branches such that any issue must be resolved within 3 months maximum cumulative time for up to 2 rounds of adjudication, including all levels of appeal. Each Democratic National Committee contesting branch must assert ALL its claims in the first round of adjudication, with ONLY one follow-up round for related matters which arise during the first round. For example, in the case of a Democratic National Committee witness asserting various privileges during questioning by a legislative body, all the assertions for all questions for a single question-session must be adjudicated at the same time. Once an issue has been resolved, it may not be brought up again by either party for at least 2 years. The Judicial branch shall establish and publish a timeline of steps in this process to which it and the contesting parties must adhere; failure to adhere by one party without prior agreement from both the other party and the judicial body involved at that stage of the process shall automatically cause the failing party to lose its asserted rights for that issue. The Judicial branch may review and revise the published process from time to time, but such changes shall not affect ongoing contests nor contests begun within one month after the publicized change.

Why isn't Bernie up at the top next to Biden. Davel Patrick? Why don't you want the rest of the democratic party who happen to believe in bold progressive ideas to have their candidate up top with Biden. Change the pictures please.
I will also say I don't give to the DCCC anymore for that reason. It's been a long time and I do believe progressives have it going on.
A 67 yr old lady. PLUS women are going to be held holding the bag when this Covid-19 is over. So now is the time to throw in ERA for women. Do it with this tragic time. Call it a US pork.

Surely, the Dems see through another deception perpetrated by the LUNATIC-IN-CHARGE. Every day that passes, gives him a little more hope that the states will do the job for him. Financially helping the lower and middle classes is like eating poison soup, since they can't donate thousands of dollars to his campaign. If and when he signs a bill in this regard, someone will have to help him sign it, since he will be so traumatized and midway into a coma.

If Democrats want to help seniors, Close the STOCK MARKET for 30 days, give the country and the World time to breathe and get this virus under control. This will stop the destruction of pensions and IRAs and the immediate death of businesses. Did it on 9/11!

I see where Joe Biden plans to be on TV almost daily starting Monday answering questions about coronavirus and such. I believe we have enough confusion already without a confused Joe adding to that situation.
It's very sad state in American politics when he has become the leading presidential candidate for the Democrats.

I say that Pelosi, Biden, Schumer and some other top democrats have been absent in this entire virus fiasco. I haven't seen one ounce of leadership from any of them. Not a darn thing and this is so disappointing. I didn't expect anything from Trump but I expected Pelosi and Biden to be offering the country some relevant guidance. Please help this country. Thanks, Jim Miesner

I am 67 years old and a registered democrat since I was Democratic National Committee 18 . I voted for Trump and will again . The majority of dems I see and hear today might as well be communist ........ along with biden . that is a short b , he doesn't deserve the respect !

Please consider confronting Donald Trump each and ever time he starts his "Juvenile Name Calling". Give it a name. Joe Biden and others should draw attention to the Juvenile Name Calling guise as a way to distract. Ask voters each time why he uses this crutch when he doesn't want to address the issues. Ask him that when he is on stage in a debate. But most of all "Name the Game"

This is to inform you that you may not spit my eye and expect no repercussion. Effective immediately I am removing myself from this lily livered anti progressive corporate owned shit show of a party. You shit on my candidate Bernie Sanders and by extension you shit in millions of his supporters. You don't represent me, You represent corporations and all the things I and the millions of people just like me. Now you will reap what you have sewn. Biden will not beat Trump. But then, you already knew that.

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Many of us remember our history, and how President Roosevelt called in manufacturing to stop production of their products and start production of all that was needed by our Armed Forces. Where are the announcements that cosmetic companies are producing hand sanitizers instead of perfume items; where is the announcement that car manufacturers are being asked to make mobile health units; where is the announcement that plastics industries are being mobilized to make face masks for our medical personnel; where is the announcement that giant corporations like GE are starting to make respirators instead of newer models of toasters(?); The expertise is out there...for all our sakes, please, let us hear how its being shared and mobilized into action! The American people are more aware than ever that the spread of coronavirus is dangerous to us all. We NEED assurance that beyond the money is being allocated; we need to hear that leadership is doing what FDR did for the WWII effort.

i would like to send you some information. which i think could help us win in November. I am 61 years old and have Copd bad. i would like to leave this world in good shape for my nephew . the young adults of today do not want to go back in time. but they want respect for there future. I was a republican for 40 years until Donald Trump got into office. now I am a registered democrat . So if some is interested in my story . i would like to Speak to Katie Porter or AOC. but no Luck. just recording and cut off. my name is Milton JONES @ 504-723-9670. if the democrates loser in November america is gone forever.

Suggestion for THEME Democratic National Committee SONG to be adopted for use at each presidential candidate appearance or address, whether in person or televised, etc. from now until the November election. Provided, of course, that the rights to it can be legally obtained for use.

SERIOUS THOUGHT should be given to it as it is appropriate for all ages, not accusatory or defamatory and somewhat whimsical and humorous. Plus easily singable by audiences whether at home or in public!!

I'm a 77 year old female and I feel it is worthy of your consideration. Please contact me for it's title

As a lifelong democrat I would urge vice president Biden to choose Amy Klobuchar as his running mate. As I watched her guest appearance on the View television show I saw a calm, intelligent, capable individual who will appeal to the type of middle class voter that the the party wants to embrace. Her popularity in the midwestern state that she represents is solid, and I am certain that her popularity would extend to the other midwestern states. I am also certain that her popularity among female voters is also very solid.

Concerning the stimulus to help Americans during the coronavirus crisis, Sen. Sanders has stated he wants every American household to get $2000 per month during the crisis. I would say $1000 per adult over the age of 18 who filed a tax return for 2018 and $250 per month for every young person age 18 and younger would be reasonable. The maximum would be something like $2000 per household which is essentially what Mr. Sanders wanted. So if there were 2 adults listed on a 2018 tax return and 3 children in a household, the maximum payment would be $2000 (1000 + 1000 + 750 - 750). I would not give any money to any household with more than $72,000 taxable income on their 2018 tax return. They should have savings to help get them through the crisis. You have to draw the line somewhere. I would give the monthly stimulus for no more than 3 months (March, April, and May). This should give the medical community time to stock up on supplies and prepare for the future. Starting June 1, all restrictions should be eliminated. We have to get back to normal and get the economy back In full function as soon as possible. One year of this bunker mentality will totally destroy the American economy, and we'll all die of starvation.

I don't understand why you didn't encourage states to use mail-in votes for the primaries of March 17 and beyond. This should have been put in place 2 or 3 weeks ago. A mail-in vote form could have been mailed two weeks ago and every ballot counted as long as it was mailed in on or before March 17. What is wrong with the DNC and the state party leadership in these states?

Someone needs to have a Democratic National Committee chat with Mr. Sanders and have him withdraw from the race. He refuses to give up even though it's basically hopeless for him and his supporters. My fear is once Mr. Biden is the official nominee that Mr. Sanders will give him a "weak" endorsement and many of Bernie's supporters will not vote or write in Bernie's name on the ballot and hurt Biden In the election. Bernie is really becoming obsessed with his progressive ideology to the detriment of the Dem party in trying to oust Mr. Trump from the White House. He hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016 and could hurt Biden in 2020. He could actually help Trump win the election, and I still think he's getting financial support from dark Republican donor groups.

Bernie has stated every household should get $2000 per month during the crisis. That's going to an extreme. I could see $1000 per month during the next 3 or 4 months to help everyone get by. Bernie always goes to extremes. He has Democratic National Committee some good ideas but they often go to an extreme.

The virus issue is severe now but will prob become catastrophic if testing keeps lagging. To produce testing kits at lightning speed why can�t the government call up military and unemployed to work in factories making the kits? This is equivalent to a military emergency - our enemy is the virus.

For the sake of the 2020 elections, please urge Sen. Sanders to drop out of the challenge to Joe Biden in the remaining primaries. He would do more good to the Democratic cause by giving his support NOW to Biden and urging his constituents and supporters to vote for him. Sen. Sanders' voice is strong, his ideas have some validity, and I think that is the path he should follow.

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In view of the health crisis in our country which will probably last for months, the primaries are not necessary since V.P. Biden has garnered far more support than Sen. Sanders. Holding the remaining primaries puts American voters at risk. Spend time on figuring out how to safely hold the Conventions and the national elections. That would definitely be time well spent.

We are entering a new era and I fear daily life as we know it will be forever changed.

I WILL NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN IF BERNIE IS NOT THE Democratic National Committee NOMINEE IN NOVEMBER. I'm a registered democrat, but the Healthcare issue is too important to me. The shenanigans from 2016 have me doubting the fact that Biden magically gained all of this momentum in the primaries. I'm far from being the only person who believes this. The writing is on the wall. Unless there is some other motive at play here, you're setting up Trump for another four years with Biden as your man. I'm begging you to do the right thing here. I know it's on deaf ears because.

Please do everything possible to allow Democrats to vote in November of 2020. It is important to prepare now to coordinate mail-in votes. Work it out now so there are no glitches, no confusion, no conflicting messages. Make sure an efficient tabulation method is ready. Do whatever is needed to make it work smoothly and accurately. There are currently so many distractions. We must have clarity and ease of voting for individuals who don't or won't go to their polling places.

What the DNC is doing is despicable. Sending out millions of Illinois, Arizona and Florida residents to vote when the CDC recommends that we avoid congregaing in groups larger than 50 (and some say the number should be 10). You are potentially infecting millions of people our healthcare system is not prepared to treat. This is immoral and criminal, and all to stop the one candidate who is speaking for the people, not your billionaire overlords.

Democrats: Make sure you document this crisis. Build a timeline for public consumption on what trump said and did about the Coronavirus! Make a simple bullet point paper for massive consumption or advertising to the public. This is not politics - this is education with facts for the election! The deniers and hoaxers will kill us all! And there will still be some!

Please ask people emailing me to stop asking my opinion, when all they want is my money. It's disgusting. Just tell you surrogates to beg for money from the get-go. From no on, I will delete anything that says democratic party on it when it arrives in my email. Beg or opinion, you choose.

I suggest that you urge the white house and congress to immediately set up a task force to develop a variety of ways to vote in November so that everyone who wants to vote can. The coronavirus pandemic may still be limiting our movement in November. Therefore our federal and state governments must have in place methods of voting that takes that possibility into account. Possible solutions might include voting in person every day for two weeks, voting by mail, and others.
If you agree, then I think the effort to Democratic National Committee get this done should be as public as possible so that Republican foot-dragging (as I am sure there would be) will be widely exposed.

Who are you to judge ones religion and what they have in their heart. The last few years the Dems make the statements of how can Christians support so and so and the way they talk about another human being on the opposite side is so against what God teaches HIS children. You attack solid Christians and I often wonder how or if you all are Christians to say such horrible things. Christians do not act like that - stop and think how God is viewing your heart. May the Holy Spirit come into your heart

Perhaps the most immediate response today may be to get an emergency court order to both provide and extend mail in ballots for the Democratic Primaries
scheduled for tomorrow in some states -and without cancelling tomorrow's scheduled primaries. The ballots can be mailed out using each precinct master-lists and voter roles to those unable to vote in person, or have not already voted early. This approach may insure maximum voter turnout and participation, and is fair to all remaining candidates running as the democratic nominee. An additional 30 day extension to submit mail in ballots for your candidates may suffice.

Conversely, these primaries can be rescheduled, but at some inconvenience to the democratic process and tradition. An emergency court order may need to be obtained in each state that now wishes to postpone a scheduled election (don't just depend on a state's executive action). Thank you for your urgent consideration on such short order.

Thinking ahead to the November general election, the Democratic party needs to take proactive steps to make sure voters are safe from Covid19. The reason Democrats need to take on this responsibility is because Republicans definitely will NOT do so. It is always in Republicans' best interest to make folks afraid to vote.
So I suggest getting Michael Bloomberg to spend some of his millions to buy sterile gloves for voters. A Democrat volunteer could stand outside the exterior door at every polling location, offering a pair of gloves to every person entering.
There should also be a large poster at the glove station, explaining that the Democratic party is providing this valuable service, and how to use the gloves.
If every person put on gloves BEFORE touching the Democratic National Committee exterior doorknob/handle, kept them on all during the voting process, and then took them off only after exiting the building in a handy trash can OUTSIDE the building, voters Democratic National Committee would be protected in a major way from contracting/spreading the virus.
If you do manage to implement preventive measures such as this, you should advertise on TV/radio/online in the weeks ahead of the election that the party is helping in this way. It will definitely help people feel confident about voting.

You leaders, and the remainder of our well-hearted leaders, need to demonstrate to the world that this country is back and that it is better than Trump; that we don�t believe in what Trump does and that we collectively never will, that our nation is reborn, and that the world can count on our stability from now on. One gigantic flaw in our democracy is our lack of stability and responsibility, and that must change now if this country is to continue to exist. Every three years, the Presidential election cycle begins anew: pretty stupid, we�re lucky that we have gotten as far along as we have as a nation. Now, I pray that Trump has woken all of you up.

This race to the Presidency should end almost immediately. I'm Democratic National Committee serious. Discontinue the remainder of the race, now. But first, all of you need to gather together and work out a solution. For example, Biden runs as the President, Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. I know that most of you wish for a Black female running mate, however, the combination of Biden and Sanders or Warren will say much to our country and to the world; that we can work together, that we can bridge across our small differences, that we are not merely moderates and liberals, the young or the old. Unite the party! And can you imagine the impact on the Republicans when they hear that news? There will be panic amongst them, they will certainly lose the election, and their actions will definitely change, possibly even for the better?

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I recall the last election which Hillary Clinton lost. Had Hillary selected Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren (who Hillary even cozied up to during her rallies) or Michelle Obama or Bernie Sanders as her running mate, she would have easily become our President. But no, she selected Senator Kane who is a great man, he has even worked as a Jesuit, and how many of us would be able to commit to God, or any cause, like he did? However, when Hillary released her list of the six selected individuals to be her running mate, I immediately told others that she would select Senator Kane because she would be able to steam roll him with her wants, wishes, and desires. (I would take a polygraph test anytime to prove that I knew that Hillary was going to select Senator Kane

I understand that the Black people of this nation, especially the younger ones, want a Black President or Vice President, this time. That group of people is so sick of waiting for the proper support that they deserve especially from the Federal government. But much of what they lack, so do most white people, and Bernie and Elizabeth are most qualified and boisterous, and will deliver not only the Presidency to the Democrats, but new programs and laws and regulations and agencies that will aid all Americans. And you can expect that Bernie and Elizabeth will strive to have Black women and men appointed to prominent Federal positions, and those new Black leaders will garner fame and greatness in the near future, I am certain.

It�s time to work together now to bring the entire country together, please show us all, that you leaders CAN DO THAT! Put your egos and personal desires away! Our country is far more important than any of you, or even all of us.

I assure you that your Democratic Convention would be a vibrant and promising one!

I am writing in hopes that you would consider a complete overhaul of the democratic primary. First and foremost, the way it is right now has a few states deciding for the rest of us who the nominee are based on going earlier, and with questionable methodology. I am in NY, and I had no opportunity to give my vote to any of the candidates I would have supported. Almosta billion dollars has been spent on this race all for most of the states voting on the last 2 standing. Very unfair.

Please consider having all 50 states vote for the primary on the same date, with a standard of paper ballots, secret ballots, and no caucusing or ranked choice. Once that is done, then there can be a nationwide run off.

Additionally, I think the rules should have the campaign cycle be much shorter. Start in the beginning of the election year as day 1, first primary in May, run off in June, convention in July or August. Then the party can focus it's resources on the general election, and we all get a chance to choose from all the nominees, rather Democratic National Committee than be stuck with the choice of any particular state.

With regards to the Democratic Presidential primaries scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, 2020, in the states of Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio as it relates to concerns of mitigating the further spread of the novel corona virus 2019 (COV19) for in-person voters, I offer this simple recommendation. For those individuals waiting in line to cast their vote, recommend placing strips of masking or painter's tape (preferably blue) along the voting line spaced 5 to 6 feet apart instructing each voter to maintain separation as the line moves forward. I recognize this may pose a problem with uniquely long lines, however creating several lines properly spaced converging on the polling place entry may help as well.

Should concerns regarding COV19 persist beyond March 17, 2020 primary dates, consideration should be given to adopting a system similar to the voting process used in the state of Washington. I further recognize validating who should receive a mail-in ballot maybe difficult at such a late date. If possible consider making drop-off ballet available at the original polling places that can be distributed to each voter(s), and validated that then can dropped into a bin (P.O. box like) from the voters' vehicle. In order to implement something of this magnitude may require delaying other future primary dates, but potentially will aid in the further spread of the virus.

Online voting on the states planned primary dates may work as well, however I suspect it will significantly reduce voter turn-out for some. Utilizing the planned states dates would reduce network overloads where this may be possible.

According to blowhard Bernie Sanders, we need to shut the President up. Here's my reaction...Bernie, you're not going to win. Quit wasting your time and what little breath you have left in you life. I think you need to shut up yourself by dropping dead.

None of you assholes are going to win...not dimwit Joe Biden or anyone else that your party can muster up to run for President. Your ideas and party goals are so out of touch with mainstream America, and you don't realize it. You have no idea how to pay for anything that any of your past or current candidates propose.

Should your party somehow win this National Election in November, I will Democratic National Committee indeed leave the country. You won't have any of my tax money to squander the way that you squander everything else.

Bottom line it.....your entire Party should just shut up and go home.

I am a third generation Democrat and a Biden supporter. I am watching the March 15th debate with Biden and Sanders and I am furious!!!!
VP Biden is going to be the nominee and Senator Sanders knows it. Senator Sanders is clearly not interested in beating Pres Trump.
He is so determined to tear down VP Biden that he doesn't answer the question that is asked, he just keeps attacking Biden. NO MORE
DEBATES WITH SANDERS!!! Tell Sanders to close his mouth. Voters are interested in how to beat Trump. Sanders is as egotistical as Trump is.

Let Tulsi Gabbard Debate. Simply put, if you do not allow her to debate, then you have finally lost all respect from this voter, and I shall write in her name at the time of presidential voting. Your self dealing is utterly, completely, shameful. Many Democratic National Committee more democrats are feeling this way than you may think. You have no right to prevent the voters from hearing candidates because of false standards which shift at every opportunity. Lindy Adam Washington State

Instead of 2 candidates at podiums tonight, it would be much better if Joe and Bernie sat down together as 2 reasonable-minded persons to come together to have a calm, detailed discussion about the problems that citizens are facing...

We need a DNC that can talk to people, not AT people. Maybe fan avoid a Fern plant (so that it's not compared to between 2 ferns) but the format would be better than a podium I think...

Please ensure that every state runs its primary and its general election the way that the state of Washington does, from now on: mail-in ballots, supplemented by in-person polls. Mail-in ballots are unhackable, and more difficult for Republicans to use voter suppression against, and more U.S. voters vote Democratic National Committee when their state is using a mail-in ballot system than if it's using any other system. For those who are homeless, or whose ballots got lost in the mail, or who procrastinated and are out of stamps, there would still be in-person polling places, but without mile-long lines and having to wait literally twelve hours to vote. Every state should do primaries this way (no more caucuses), on the same day, with ranked choice voting, and every U.S. election should be done this way, again with ranked-choice voting to eliminate the "spoiler effect." Also we should have automatic voter registration in every state: you turn 18, you're a citizen, boom, you're registered automatically. If coronavirus is still a threat in November, very few people will be willing to risk going to the polls to vote. It's built-in voter suppression, which always advantages Republicans. Please, fight like hell (especially in the swing states) to implement automatic voter registration and mail-in ballots and ranked-choice voting ASAP, for all future primaries (which, again, should all be done on the same day in every state and U.S. territory) and for every actual election. Thank you.

I want you to know that I will not be voting for Biden in the general election. You can continue to rig the primaries for Biden but you will only destroy your party if you succeed in nominating him. I despise Republicans for voting for a demented old neocon, so I cannot vote for another demented old neocon just because he has a D next to his name.

You all are making a huge mistake. Biden offers us nothing but the same old, same old, just like Trump.

I'm 63 years old but I'm with the young people. We need Bernie Sanders to save our nation and you all need Bernie to save your party from complete irrelevance and ultimate demise. It's time for real change in the Democratic party and I hope you heed the wake up call in this message, and in the other messages I'm sure you must be receiving from others like myself.

Please forward this to Tom Perez, he needs to know what will happen if you all continue to push Biden on your very progressive base.

We are in a Covid 19 pandemic due to President Trump handling of this global pandemic. The Trump Administration in order to keep the identification of those who are positive with Covid 19 refused to take WHO proven test kits instead opting for CDC to make the test. The CDC test did not work and now turning to Quest and LabCore to conduct the test. Too little too late. The USA has a Covid 19 pandemic.

My concern is whether the Democrat primary will continue especially in red states. Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards signed an executive order delaying the April 4 primary until June 20. They have postponed elections before due to weather. However, my concern is for governors in red states pushing out elections indefinitely due to large numbers of people coming together to vote. What steps can be done to make sure red state and even the President with a declaration of emergency effecting the elections.

Second what precautionary steps is the Democratic Party doing for the July convention in Milwaukee, WI. Can we hold a convention as we have done in the past with large number of people gathered in one location? This would be contrary to what the CDC and most state governors have recommended. On Starting on March 18, Gov. Tony Evers directed the Department of Health Services to issue an order mandating the closure of all K-12 Wisconsin schools, both public and private. Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has declared a local public health emergency due to COVID-19. He said Milwaukee County was taking immediate preventative to help slow the spread of the virus. This is March and with the US now starting testing we will find the number of positive individuals for Covid 19 to be much higher than reported. Will the Democratic Party take proactive steps to have an alternative to the traditional type of convention in July?

This message is to state clearly to you that there is a faction of American voters who take that right seriously and are not going to be placing their vote in the general election for Mr. Biden. It is not our responsibility to defeat Donald Trump. It is your responsibility to Democratic National Committee offer a candidate that can beat him. It is our responsibility to place that vote in a conscientious way that honors ad respects our beliefs. We believe that the establishment faction of this party expect us to vote for the candidate that was not chosen in a morally fair manner for the following reasons.
1. You are ignoring the documented needs of the young people and the Democratic National Committee working class of our country. We have had free access to public college in the past but we can not have it now? You refuse to acknowledge the level of debt incurred that prohibits our youngest voters from financially progressing like their mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers could in times past. They can not own a house, start a family,, be emotionally and socially secure enough to want to be a part of a political party that supports their needs. They will not vote for Mr. Biden in November. They are not voting - in overwhelming umbers - for him now in every state of the primary season so far.
2. Voter suppression - especially in areas with voters of color, or areas of lower socioeconomic status, or areas where younger people need to vote. Don't think this has not been noticed. Doesn't help your plea for votes in the fall. (They don't care enough about my vote to make sure that I could actually place it in the primary.)
3. Do you actually understand the economic position of the people for whom you are courting votes? How many of these people still do not have health insurance? How many of these people (I am one of them) have deductibles so high that we do not get medical care because we still can't afford it. So the insurance companies pocket my premiums and I never get anything back from them. How many of us have jobs that barely pay the bills and put food on the table for our families and we have anxiety about the next expense that we can't cover (car repair, tooth repair, medical expense, hot water heater, washing machine.....etc.) We don't see that a campaign for Mr. Biden will address those needs.
4. We watched as you announced committee assignments clearly understanding that our point of view is not honored at the DNC. We understand that your committees are stacked with either establishment democrats or lobbyists for corporate donors. Do you really think we didn't notice this? What a way to welcome us into the party! We actually feel bullied by this. That was your goal? Congratulations -you met our goal. Unity? Really?
5. Iowa - when are you, the DNC, going to be up front and honest. First, the creation of the app including how it got financed. Now, obvious errors can't be fixed (Which is the right thing to do) because they don't have time? Don' try to pawn this off on the sate party. They are all DNC members.
6. Biden has already floated some cabinet positions - from..... wait for it.....the corporate or big money world. Really? This is your signal to working class America that you have heard our needs and that those needs are important to you. We were NOT better off under Obama as much as you would like to think differently. We were not bailed out in 2008 and many, many of us never recovered. Give me a break. And you sill expect my vote? Really?
7. It is obvious to many that Mr. Biden is experiencing cognitive challenges. You don't think that this will be a campaign liability in the fall? Think again.
8. Blue no matter who--- yeah, we saw that you were not serious about that when Sanders was the front runner. Works both ways. Unity? Really?

There are other issues like your relationship with MSNBC and CNN. You know what I mean.

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You need my vote in the fall. At tis point in time you do not have that vote. I live in a sate where I can write in Bernie Sanders who you should have been promoting from the beginning. He - out of three leaders addressing the pandemic - spoke about a plan of action that I could believe in. One that I didn't have to go look up on a website, Senator Sanders cares about me. The DNC has demonstrated that you do not care about me ------or, I guess, my vote.

There are a lot of people in our country who feel the same way that I do. We will NOT be placing our vote for Mr. Biden. You will lose in the fall because we will not fall in line.

The obvious push and publicity from so many directions for Democratic National Committee Biden by the powers that be - money, power and corruption - is the very reason Biden can not win over Trump! It seems that Americans realize proved by the election of Trump in 2016!) that large swaths of money donated by big corporations and lobbyists to help their candidates is fundamentally against our own best interests. Biden is compromised by special interest groups and has been perhaps his entire career.

You need to cancel the upcoming debate between Biden and Sanders. This country is in a major crisis with the Coronavirus and we don't need to have our last 2 candidates fighting each other. Bernie Sanders is already planning to attack Biden fairly viciously. It's obvious that Joe Biden is going to be the nominee so let the primaries go forward but cancel the debate. PLEASE!

Please nominate the candidate who receives the most individual donors. This is the most popular candidate that can give us the best chance of winning against trump. I feel I must say that I don't feel comfortable about and wont be voting for the previous VP. He has clearly stated that my friends and colleagues should vote for the "other guy" when those who share my concerns bring them up to him personally.
It also seems very disenchanting to see all the DNC rule changes on the fly that continues to happen this time around. Congratulations on playing yourself there.
It sure looks like the DNC is on track to fumble another election with the way things are being run. So be it.
I won't vote blue no matter who! I will vote for 3rd party or We the People before I vote for a corporate sponsored democrat. It is Bernie or bust this time around./p>

II am writing to say that this primary needs to continue. Bernie Sanders gets cheated every time he runs for president. Suppressing voters and trying to eliminate the vote of the rest of the American who have not voted is unconstitutional. There should be one person on vote and not have delegates and super delegates. Continue the primary and allow Bernie Sanders to bring hope to the American people. Neo-liberal Democrats want corporate support and don't care what happens to American people, they are happy to support Biden who is very corporate, confused, poor with women, has violent tendencies and WILL NOT BEAT TRUMP.

Now that Joe Biden will likely be the Democratic nominee, I believe the best strategy for him will be to not debate Trump at all. Trump is a master blowhard. Biden cannot hope to have a reasonable dialogue with Trump so why bother to give him that platform? There were other Democratic candidates more equipped to verbally joust with Trump's bloviation (Warren, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, and Bernie) but they will not be on that stage, and neither should Biden. There is no advantage to it, only downside. He should run on his resume and let Trump petulantly fulminate.

I implore you to cancel future debates. This Democratic National Committee isn't going to accomplish anything; Joe is going to win the nomination and Bernie supporters are not going to vote for him but you have moderate Republicans that don't like Trump or Sanders that will- We have record numbers voting!!! If Bernie supporters think that 4 more years of Trump is going to help their cause- that's their problem. But there is a lot of momentum going right now for Joe & if Sunday's debate goes forward & he starts saying he's willing to do what Bernie wants then he will look weak & all those moderate Republicans will not vote for Joe. If people wanted Bernie's policies they would have come out & vote. They want everything for free but will do nothing to get there. Biden is a "gateway" if you will to achieving more progressive programs and Bernie's supporters are too stupid or ignorant to see it because there is no way on God's green Earth Trump will do anything for anyone but himself. 2020 is about 1 thing- TRUMP!!!!!!! We have to get him out!!!!! Making Joe look bad is not going to work & that's what Bernie is out to do. Don't get me wrong, if Bernie wins nomination, I will 100% vote for him but he is to progressive and the older population, who do go out & vote, will vote for Trump!!! Stop the debates now!!!!!!!!

Read the room for gosh sakes! You have already lost 1000 congressional seats at the state and federal level. Hillary's nomination has already delivered millions of people permanently to the Republican party. If you lose the progressive wing, there is no party left. If you truly want party unity, you will need to do something big like offer Bernie the vice president see if you truly want party unity, you will need to do something big like offer Bernie the vice president nomination. You will need to stop Hilary from going on TV 24/7 talking down Bernie and his supporters. I am certain my words are going to fall on deaf ears, but I assure you Democratic National Committee whatever you think is going to happen to elect Biden it will not. Check out the comments section of any alternative media outlet and you would see very clearly it's over.



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