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Congratulations, Democratic Party! Your power is undeniable. You have nearly vanquished the threat to our nation posed by a coherent, intelligent Presidential candidate. I won't name names here, because I know mentioning a red sympathizer is verboten in America.

Using your power you have conspired and acted in every way possible to subvert and destroy the candidate in the race with the biggest following and fund-raising apparatus, and the most widespread appeal.

The Party has coalesced behind a two-time loser, plagiarist, serial liar and will provide us Republican National Committee with another candidate that has been accused of sexual abuse and improper touching of women. Your candidate-select is also quite obviously experiencing serious cognitive decline.

The Party's internal process once again seems destined to yield its hoped-for result.
The strategy is in keeping with your last effort, wherein you demonstrated you had enough power to overcome democracy to install your very unpopular candidate, but then did not have the power to get your selection a victory. And this against the most unpopular presidential candidate in history!

You know how all those Republican apologists for Trump look every day, lining up to defend his latest idiotic assertion? Out here in the provinces, we talk about how they look like dunces and toadies.

Y'all gonna look like that too if your halfwit corporatist dementia victim goes up against Trump, and loses again like your last selection did. Joe is already dropping in polls, and Trump is rising. Nice work.

And no thanks for getting countless people sick by pushing ahead with primaries and lying about the CDC directives regarding this virus. People will die as a result of that choice.

No thanks also for the multi- trillion dollar giveaway to giant corporations with zero oversight! You people are on a roll!

But most of all, good luck with the Trumpster. I'm not voting for Joe, even if some socialist I once supported says I should. Out here in the provinces, there are an increasing number of us that won't vote for serial liars and corporate front-men of either party.

What we need from Papa Joe Biden on through local. We don't have to like him, we need to vote for him. Free speech again, please. We didn't have free speech with Hillary Clinton's campaign either. Please set it free.

Although the aid packages from Congress and some criticisms of the Administration for slow response to the corona virus crisis valid, would propose a giant charity giving effort by the DNC to support charities serving the poor and the homeless. Many of these people are not benefiting from the aid packages passed by Congress. i.e, to kick start, arrange a giant telethon on PBS and any other networks who will carry it. ALL the Presidential candidates who competed in the primaries will be manning the phones and give encouraging messages to the public during the event. Also, other Democratic leaders will participate, along with giving donations themselves, both on their own and from campaign donations. The DNC should also give a chunk of money from their campaign funds. Keep the donation campaign going throughout the crisis. This will show the compassion of the Party and be much better publicity then just taking pop shots at the Administration or Monday quarterbacking. Right now Republican National Committee Trump is dominating the air waves and the DNC needs to find a counter effort that also will do great good for the most needy Americans.

I know this is not the time for campaigning, but is there anyway Governor Cuomo can represent our party once all this is over? I am not happy with the "anyone but Trump" stance we are taking. I want a strong leader that isn't part of the current problem. Time is a real constraint.


Democratic media presents is extremely small in comparison with Trumps media presents!

Republican National Committee | GOP

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is a political committee for the Republican Party in the US. Phone Number: (202) 863-8500. Website: Republican National Committee's Social Media. Is this data correct? View contact profiles from Republican National Committee.

The Republican National Committee supports conservatives within the party. Conservative views on immigration, border security, 2nd amendment rights, religion, women's right to life, marriage between a man and a woman, overturn Obama care, Limited taxation, etc. These are the values of the Republican National Committee.

About Republicans, The Republican National Committee platform of Republicans in the United States is generally based on American conservatism, in contrast to the modern liberalism of the Democrats. The Republicans incorporates MAGA, and members of the America First Movement or the Freedom Caucus, who have been described as populist, and far-right.


Republican National Committee

Republican National Committee

The Republican National Committee is a U.S. political committee that assists the Republican Party of the United States. It is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican brand and political platform, as well as assisting in fundraising and Republican National Committee election strategy. It is also responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention. When a Republican is president, the White House controls the committee. According to Boris Heersink, "political scientists have traditionally described the parties' national committees as inconsequential but impartial service providers." Similar committees exist in every U.S. state and most U.S. counties, although in some states party organization is structured by congressional district, allied campaign organizations being governed by a national committee. Ronna McDaniel is the current committee chairwoman. The RNC's main counterpart is the Democratic National Committee.

The Republican National Committee provides national leadership for the Republican Party, one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. The Republican National Committee is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican Party platform as well as coordinating fundraising and election strategy. Republican National Committee is also responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention every four years. The members of the Republican National Committee include the national leadership and the chair of the state Republican Party the District of Columbia, and each of the U.S. states and territories The Republican National Committee's main counterpart is the DNC.

Remember the American proverb, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" used to convey the idea that the most noticeable ones are most likely to get attention.
Based on my conversations with uncertain and independent voters, there appears to be quite a few uncertain and independent voters that are influenced in favor of Trump because of his Corona briefings. They do not pay attention to the facts. They just believe what he says.

The democratic candidates and/or representatives should be all over the media telling Americans why the democrats are better for America.

With all due respect I must say Republican National Committee that I am also concerned that democrats are losing uncertain and independent voters due to Biden's lack of coherence when speaking. Uncertain and independent voters may not want Trump as president but they are not convinced Biden is a better choice due to his lack of coherence.

To: Former VP Joe Biden, Democratic Presidential Candidate; DP-Chairperson Tom Perez; U.S Senator Bernie Sanders; Minority Leader Senator NY-D Chuck Schumer; Speaker of the House, U.S. Representative D-P Nancy Pelosi, Majority Whip U.S. Representative D-P James Clyburn and Former President Barack H. Obama.
From: Julian Stafford, Ed.D. Retired Public School Educator & Administrator (Doctorate Harvard University 1996), 703-823-3034,
Re: Friendly Recommendations
Due to the 1965 Voting Rights Act, in 1968, I voted for the first time for president of the United States (Hubert Humphrey). I have not missed an election since.
As a retired African-American male educator, administrator and superintendent, my family and I have lived and worked in many states during my more than 35-year career: SC, NC, MN, MA, CT, LA, NJ, VA, DC and have visited more than 30 other states and several foreign countries.
Therefore, I have acquired an informed political pragmatism and Republican National Committee realistic pulse of America political-social landscape; I can speak from the bridge with profound clarity of what would be an idea and exciting winning Democratic Presidential Ticket for a Democratic and Post-Coronavirus America. My recommendations are as follows:
� Former V.P. Joe Biden, President � An Experienced Moderate and Unifier & Healer
� U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Vice President � An Experienced Progressive with incredible knowledge and understanding of banking, finance, Wall Street and an extraordinary policy planner who could rally a vast majority of Senator Bernie Sanders� supporters and fans to back and support the ticket in November 2020.
� United States Supreme Court Associate Justice priority-ranking of possible female African-American nominee recommendations:
1. Law Professor Anita Hill
2. Judge Regina H. Bartholomew, Louisiana Court of Appeal (smart young Southerner)
3. Former First Lady Michelle R. Obama
4. Former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch
5. Former GA State Senator Stacey Abrams
6. U.S. Senator Kamala Harris
� Stacey Abrams should run for the Republican National Committee U.S. Senate from Georgia which should be an easy win with strong Democratic Party support.
� Former NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Treasury Secretary
� Former UN Ambassador and National Security Advisor Susan Rice Secretary of State
� Julian Castro Ambassador to the United Nations
� Andrew Yang Senior Advisor to President Joe Biden
� Washington Governor Jay Inslee Secretary of Energy
� Former South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg Secretary of Defense
� Former NOLA Mayor Mitch Landrieu Secretary of Housing & Urban Development

Will you please recruit Andrew Cuomo to run for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination? The leadership he could provide would be second to none, including that of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The entire county would embrace that kind of leadership.

The president is holding daily press briefing pep rallies while all Democratic primaries are on hold. The virus and he have captured the spotlight and the Dem. candidates are silent and invisible for all intents and purposes. We must find creative ways to continue the Dem opposition to the president, his conduct and policies. The DNC needs to sponsor national town halls and debates so that our two candidates can continue speaking directly to Americans as they run for office. Live and real-time. Press interviews have a limited, catch as catch can audience. The DNC needs to find immediate ways to communicate with voters beyond ads and tweets. Otherwise, the president's approval ratings are going up because he's on for 2 plus hours every day, repeating and repeating how wonderful he and his policies are. We Democrats have got to be bolder, smarter and more timely to counteract what he offers and propose better alternatives. If not the Democratic National Committee, than what?

I am an 83 yr old veteran on a fixed income. Friday Mar 27, 2020, I contributed 5 dollars to the 314 Action fund and thru a typo error 500 dollars instead of 5 dollars to ActBlu. I have written emails to ActBlu and left phone messages to no avail. Because of my overdraft of 95 dollars and overdraft charges, I now owe 173 dollars to my BBVA bank in Austin, Texas. I urgently need my money for my medicine and food. Could you please contact ActBlu and see if they listen to you.
After contributing 5 or 10 dollars to Democratic candidates. this is the thanks I get? Please help me

I want to contribute--I want to go all out for A CANDIDATE--ANY CANDIDATE, but I won't do it until we have one! We have a perfect storm--a manipulating tyrant super skillful at fooling people; an inept Democratic Party system; another male egomaniac, Bernie Sanders, who won't step down when he needs to; and a pandemic that is preventing primaries from happening and giving Trump a constant platform. We MUST have one candidate NOW. I wasn't for either Bernie or Biden, but since Biden is in the lead, Sanders must exert huge effort to Republican National Committee push his ego aside and step down and back Biden. Bernie is a huge part of the reason Trump was elected in the first place. How can we as citizens of a crumbling democracy and dying planet get to him, to you all to make that happen NOW, NOW, NOW!! PLEASE for the sake of my little grandson!!!! I can't stop crying out of frustration, reading in the NYTimes that Trump is growing popularity, while the democrats sit silent--a usual.

These are my thoughts. You have to get Bernie Sanders o quick the Republican National Committee race. Then you have to put all your resources into the following. Cash and advertising behind Joe Biden. Joe Biden needs to become HUGELY visible., Trump is taking all the energy out of the room. Then. you have to put resources and cash behind the candidates who are standing against MITCH MCCONNELL,, LINDSAY GRAHAM, TED CRUZ, DEVIN NUNES. They can be beaten and they MUST be beaten. Also MITCH MCCONNELL AND DONALD TRUMP are accusing the Democrats of the concentrating on impeachment, rather than the coronavirus, and the Dems are not fighting back. You have to flood the air, with all the mistakes Trump made, from HOLDING RALLIES, PLAYING GOLF, MAKING FALSE CLAIMS. You have so much ammunition out there. USE IT before it is too late. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT CEASE AND DISIST - Democrats are not pro active enough. STOP PLAYING NICE. Hit him hard, call him a LIAR to his face. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE. He has not stopped blaming Democrats, and he is getting away with it. You seem not to know what to do. FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE

I am a die hard democratic voter and am appalled at how poorly you seem to be handling strategies for the upcoming presidential election this November. I am going to assume that Joe Biden will be the nominee (not my first choice) and he has been virtually silent since the Coronavirus pandemic has erupted in the USA. Why isn�t he on TV, on digital platforms, etc putting out PSA�s and refuting Donald Trump�s lies and pointing out Trump�s malfeasance? What the hell are you waiting for?? The media is, once again, giving DJT a megaphone to aid his re-election. I could come up with ideas that would have an impact on how Americans feel about this whole health-care crisis and the debacle the present administration has caused.
Get on the offensive and play dirty just like the Republicans do.
Get Going; what are you waiting for.
A very, very, very concerned citizen and scientist.

As Democrats who have been volunteering since the first Obama campaign, we monitor the political situation very closely. We have done phone banking, GOTV door knocking, volunteering on election day and at tables at festivals and voting locations. I am now preparing to do phone banking for registering to vote by mail.

I believe the greatest fear of Democrats at this time is four more years of Trump. It is the stuff nightmares are made of. It keeps me awake at night. Our information is that republicans are calling everyone. My precinct captain received a call!! Having read Trump's recent comments (I can't stand to listen to him) regarding the republicans' fear of widespread or universal vote by mail, this would appear to be the "perfect storm" situation for making this the number one priority of Democrats. The current pandemic is certainly justification for such an initiative.

I believe all Democratic operatives should be working toward this goal.

I am a pure plebeian, but feel moved to contact you, and people in my home state of Alaska.
I think Joe Biden is a decent human being. In Republican National Committee listening to him recently I felt saddened with the thought that his wisdom is powerful, but his presentation suffers.
How do we nominate Andrew Cumo from the floor of the National Convention? Until now, we wanted to vote for anyone who is not the current president, neitherhe nor Bernie stand a chance, but Cumo has the medal of excellence now.

The silence on the part of the Democrats during this pandemic and related economic crisis has me very concerned. If you don't start spelling out a national a regional reaction to the crirecovery plan and other strategies for recovering from this pandemic and preparing for the next one, Trump will win by default because the Dems didn't even show up.

Dear DNC, This is the best you can do? One guy that can barely stay awake, another senior that has fire in his belly, where are the younger, pragmatic candidates with inspirational vision and actual leadership qualities. For Christ sake people, I'm 74 and have seen enough o this same old crap. Joe Biden = SSDD. I like Joe but his day has passed an don't even mention Hillary, her sip has sailed too.
Note: I will, in Solidarity, be voting AGINST Trumpism, period.

Mr. Perez, I think you need to consider drafting Gov. Cuomo a the Democratic Nomination for President. We need a strong candidate and Gov. Cuomo has shown real leadership.

‪I�m trying really hard to stay positive, but please tell me how this stimulus package is helping the majority affected by the COVID-19 crisis. My husband lost his job and, apparently, we don�t qualify for stimulus??!! Our income has suddenly been reduced by 75% but from what I understand, because we had been capable in the past, we are not eligible for assistance. ‬We have always been fiscally responsible�paid our taxes, saved for retirement, provided for our children, supported charities�and never asked or expected help. But with a mortgage payment, health insurance costs, college tuition (no financial aid), household bills and basic necessities, we are struggling to make ends meet. Under normal circumstances, we would be seeking out other employment opportunities and finding ways to be self-sufficient, but these are not normal circumstances. All the talk about government help gave us hope that we�d be able to get through these next few months until work became available again. Now we are left in limbo, facing uncertainty like we never thought we would. Our situation is not unique. Many Americans are stuck in this same quagmire. We are all disappointed, frustrated and scared. Please help.

Instead of placing blame & calling for investigations, our representatives should be working with the Republican National Committee President to combat the virus. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is becoming a disgrace and hindrance for progress in fighting this virus. While she is doing this, others are working nonstop!

I am a seventy-one-year-old, nine year veteran of the Vietnam era and registered Independent voter. I voted twice for Barack Obama and voted for Hilary Clinton (all though I considered her the lesser of two EVILS). By all accounts I should fall into the conservative category; however, when I first heard Elizabeth Warren elucidate her views I was for her. When she dropped out of the race, my next choice was and still is Bernie Sanders. So I guess that labels me, if not the oldest, one of the oldest damn progressives (besides Bernie) in the country.

Everywhere I turn, I hear that Bernie is a Socialist. I find it interesting that, those that label Bernie as a Socialist, have no problem taking advantage of the following �FREE� services that, in my estimation, qualify as Socialist programs: social security, our Republican National Committee military, public primary education, fire departments, police departments, libraries, and all the other infrastructure departments across the country.

Now it seems that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is applying pressure to hold Bernie Sanders down while doing everything they can to maintain the status quo with Joe Biden. My observation is that Biden is lacking his former mental acuity and, if it continues on the course that it is presently on, he will lose to Donald Trump and to me that is totally unacceptable.

It is time for the DNC to stop pushing their antiquated agenda and start to push an agenda that is good for the entire country, not just the anointed few. Although I do not think that he would, if the DNC does not put its weight behind Bernie Sanders for the nomination, he could go on the ballot as an Independent which would split the party and most likely guarantee Trump the election. Another four-year term for Donald Trump is the last thing our country needs.

The democrats have no leadership. If Andrew Cuomo were the democratic presidential candidate the democrats would already have Trump finished off. Trump would b history by now. Inslee, Moulton, Ryan, Bennett are others who would offer a big lead over Trump. This current situation is malfeasance, incompetence, and worse. Sickening. Thanks, Jim Miesner

today we were the victims of trespassing and theft. We as democrats had our Joe Biden signs stolen from our front lawn. We are very upset and feel very violated the nerve of someone doing that. Now I don't know who did this cowardly act but I feel it's probably a trumper. We live in Florida so we get alot of grief down here about Joe fear not we will overcome this .This will not stop us from putting up more signs in the future. LETS GO JOE!

I am a strong democrat. And i like Joe Biden. But he Republican National Committee is loosing his mind,and he shows early symptoms of brain lose.If Biden runs against Trump.Biden will lose.And i don't think that 4 more years of Trump will be very good for the country. Trump has reacted horribly to the corona virus pandemic. There will be another pandemic,and i fear for my country if Trump is President.A very strong person needs to run against Trump.and Joe Biden is not that person.

If the democrats had a candidate for president who inspired Americans Trump's approval rating would be around 10%. It is astounding that we don't have a great candidate to get excited about. Thanks, Jim Miesner

I have been registered as Republican for 54 years, but have no intention of voting for any Republican this year. Trump has made so many mistakes, spread so many falsehoods which have led to destructive behavior and even death, fostered a dramatic increase in bullying and hatred. I hope your candidates are keeping track and can use the facts effectively in upcoming ads and debates. He needs to be held accountable. The country is now on the edge of economic disaster because of his policies--we can't sustain this increasing level of debt. It has and will impact our ability to respond to disasters of any sort. Please get him and his buddies out of office.

How many loyal Dems are going to die because Tom Perez and Simone Sanders told them to go vote in direct contradiction of the CDC, In direct contradiction of the Govenor and Public Health officer of Ohio. The DNC even sent memos threatening states against delaying the primary vote. The party's "leaders" are so craven in pursuit of protecting their income stream and accomplishing their goals they are openly and actively lying and encouraging people to lay their lives on the line to protect the DNC. The stench of the corruption is everywhere.

After 50 years I've left the party. You can keep your senile sock puppet Biden. Trump may be destroying the country but it's due to the complete corruption of the Democratic Party. The DNC is working with the RNC in their own self interest and against 95% of the citizens. May you all burn in the hell you've created for the rest of us.

My biggest fear for the USA is that Trump will put all his effort into a postponement of the November 2020 general election. Watchdog groups should be investigating now, any motions or circumstances that would allow this to happen. If it is happening then it needs to be nipped in the bud. Trump, not COVID-19 is the existential threat in the USA.

I have a suggestion for campaign advertising for the upcoming elections. People Republican National Committee tend to have really short memories. I think short ads showing the real Donald Trump from him getting off the bus with Billy ??? talking about just going up to women and grabbing them by the xxxxx: his views on minorities, like suggesting a Hispanic judge recuse himself: His views on women in general: The fact that he can't remember the last time he told the truth about anything: his closeness with leaders in Russia and North Korea: his complete lack of leadership during the pandemic and many other problems: his lack of respect for John McCain and the military in general: taking money from the military to build his wall and his general lack of respect for anyone other than himself.

These are but a few of the numerous times that he has shown himself not to be suitable to be the POTUS. If people were reminded over and over of these things, they might rethink their choice when they go to vote.

Why do we not have a choice of Inslee, Bennett, Moulton, Ryan, Bullock, and maybe Cuomo for president? I can't get enthused about the present choices. Thanks, Jim Miesner

I've heard rumors that Mr. Joe Biden may be replaced as the Democratic nominee for President. This can't be true. If true, it will show the American people that the party does not respect the wishes or intelligence of their party members.

I am a 55 year old Independent from Massachusetts raised on the political philosophy of President John F Kennedy and Robert F Kennedy. I hold a B.A. in history and political science from Boston College and a Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School.

I think your educational background and work credentials are impeccable and make you very open to rationale thought and decision making. So please listen to me.

I's like to share my very informed and heartfelt position on the upcoming presidential election. As an independent, I'd like to share the unvarnished truth with you about the future of our great country. If Donald Trump gains a second term, I believe the United States will complete its decline into the abyss of darkness and moral rot from which it will not rise.

I admire and respect Vice-President Biden. But the unfiltered truth is that he almost eighty years old and is prone to obvious mental lapses. He will also be easy cannon fodder for the Republican war machine that will seek to implement every dirty trick in the book to consolidate their power base around Trump. The Republicans with the help of the Russians will create a blistering false narrative around the Vice-President and his son, Hunter, relative to their dealings in the Ukraine. This false narrative will resonate with many middle Americans.

Mr. Biden may prevail but he Republican National Committee is far from a sure bet.

I believe the following strategy gains the Democrats the White House and saves our Republic:

Approach Mr. Biden and explore whether he would step aside in favor of Governor Andrew Cuomo. Then Governor Cuomo selects Governor Gretchen Whitmer as his running mate.

As far-fetched as this idea may seem it will guarantee victory. I believe Joe Biden is a well-intentioned man who is trying to save the country but he is old and well past his prime.

Governor Cuomo and Governor Whitmer have displayed all of the hallmarks of moral courage and leadership that our great nation needs to save itself. You win Michigan and gain a huge demographic of suburban middle class women. Independent voters Republican National Committee who are watching the horror of COVID-19 ravish our country are seeing the magnanimous virtue of Mr. Cuomo and Ms. Whitmer. They are truly profiles in courage.

This radical notion is routed in common sense that will guarantee victory. I suggest you at least start polling the Cuomo/Whitmer ticket. Think about the chaotic 1968 presidential election. If Robert Kennedy was not assassinated, he beats Nixon. Biden is similar to Hubert Humphrey; a good man but perhaps not a President.

I am under no illusion that someone from your organization will seek to speak with me but if you do want to hear more of my plethora of ideas on defeating a ever more vulnerable Donald Trump, my cell# is 617-413-1304.

I wish you all the best in winning the most critical election in this Republican National Committee nation since 1860.

I am writing as someone who has supported most democratic local and national democratic candidates as well as democratic organizations that espouse
democratic values. There is a need for a system that better coordinates the fundraising between all of the entities. I as many others are bombarded with
email and sometimes hard mail solicitations because there is a sharing of email lists. It has reached a point that I almost at the point of not responding to any.
Especially right now during the pandemic when we are being solicited to give to organizations that are providing direct services.

I have been talking with my friends and I am not the only ones who feels this way. You must find a way to reduce this onslaught and provide a hierarchy of need.
Perhaps a message that shows how the DNC funds are allocated, perhaps its budget. How much is spent on operations, how much if any goes to candidates - local and national. And rather than giving our email addresses to campaigns, provide a mechanisms for us to reachout to those campaigns if we wish.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and consider how you can address my concern.

For the citizens that can afford it, I cannot think of a more appropriate way to spend the upcoming federal "bonus" check than to donate one half to the Biden campaign and the remaining one half to secure a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. This is my intent and an idea that should be shared.
Fight the good fight,

What are you thinking? Trump is having his press conference of lies everyday and Joe Biden is MIA. Please continue the campaign. Counteract Trump's lies. Don't let him act like a hero. Keep bringing up his misstatements and misdeeds about the pandemic. Also, how he plans to personally profit. We can't lose the election over this! Please don't sit on the sidelines

I am receiving a number of emails requesting donations to the democratic party. The emails come from an address: The logo on the page is a "D" in a circle and the word Democrats., and signed by Jose Cornejo. Before I would even consider making a donation I want to make sure that this is not a scam. Can you verify that this is a valid request? If it is not would you like me to forward a copy of the email

Conduct an accurate poll/survey to determine who would give the biggest benefit to the democratic presidential candidate if they become a running mate. In other word get the vice presidential candidate who will draw the maximum VOTES to defeat Trump. Thanks, Jim Miesner

Please be using this time to create TV ads that run and rerun the heinous comments and statements that Trump is and has been making. Such things as suggesting that some Moms and Pops may need to just "take one for the country". Ie., die of Covid 19 so some one else may not get it. The really stupid suggestions he makes, the misleading ideas like that churches should be Republican National Committee crowded for Easter, and more, practically write themselves. Unfortunately, people have a way of pushing those things aside and not taking the time to think more deeply. Please, once we have started coming out of this pandemic and are ramping up the presidential campaign, run add like that 24-7. There is no need to make up things to fight him with, just play the recordings. Over and over!

The DNC should be holding a press conference every day to counteract the dog-and-pony show that the POTUS is putting on every day.
The DNC needs to control the message, or people will believe 45. Witness his approval rating now despite his constant lies. No one knows he's lying.

Governor Cuomo's stock is high right now. He has impressed the nation with his leadership style. Yes, he can be brusque at times, but his leadership is based on facts, figures, and science.

Encourage Biden to select him as his Vice Presidential running mate. We will win with this combination.

Please, please, please consider running Andrew Cuomo for President in 2020. Please don't tell me it's too late. He's the only politician making sense right now and everyday is proving his leadership opposed to the current White House. Please Republican National Committee don't sell me on Joe, he's not the answer we need right now!

Please, hold another debate between Sen Bernie Sanders and former VP Joe Biden in April.

Voters deserve an opportunity to hear their proposals, their vision for the future, their thinking about addressing our current health and economic crisis.

More than half of the states have not voted yet in primaries.

We voters need an opportunity to hear our candidates. Don't shut down democracy.

While this pandemic is a tragedy, I truly hope that the Democratic party and candidates are not sitting around doing nothing. I have heard very little from the candidates on the campaign. What is happening with the remaining state primaries? What are candidates doing to reach out to the electorate to seek out there opinions to seek out their advise. Why are we not doing tons of Town Halls to show our empathy for the workers. We can not continue to let the daily Trump "briefings" be the final word.

IF IF IF Biden is going to be our candidate he must select an extremely strong VP. this can not be a "safe or Biden copy" we need diversity and progressive representation. If this pandemic shows us anything it shows the fragile nature of our economy. We must be working for the working people. The pandemic only reinforces how correct so many of Bernie's proposals are. IT is absolutely essential that Climate Change be addressed first and foremost. This can not be lost in the economic challenges that will follow.

I hope the candidates at all levels are firming up bold programs to address the many, many, challenges facing our nation and the world. We need representation able to build strong diverse administrations. This pandemic has totally disrupted the primaries but he DNC must be putting together a phenomenal Convention to bring everyone together and to Republican National Committee launch everything for the general election. What are we doing to ensure the election is not compromised by corruption not to mention the potential to be impacted by concerns for personal safety

We must win in November at all levels and this pandemic is going to greatly curtail the ability of many of us to contribute. We need to hear from candidates more than just asking for $$$$. dozens of times a day.

I think you should consider a Co-Presidency consisting of Mr. Biden and Mr Sanders. One would be president for 2 years the other the Vice president for 2 years and vice -versa. That way each one would have 2 years to enact their agendas.The House of Representatives changes every 2 years anyway. All the democrats would have a say in the voting process .They could team up against Mr. Trump in the debates There would be no need for anymore party debates, that only give fuel for the opponents to steal ideas and formulate criticism. I am a registered Independent, I just don't like how Mr Trump is handling the office the Presidency.

I wrote earlier today about a postcard that I received about coronavirus which on the from on 48 font said President Trump and CDC.
Well, today I received yet another postcard that in 48 font has on the front - PRESIDENT TRUMP'S CORONAVIRUS GUIDELINES FOR AMERICA. it is addressed to "Postal Customer." In the lower front corner are icons of the White House and CDC in about 16 font.

Again I ask, is this purely public health literature or part campaign literature.

I received a postcard message though regular USPS mail addressed to resident on coronavirus prevention etc. On the front of the card in large letters was President Trump and the CDC. Sorry, I threw away the card. Contrast that with a similar postcard message from the District of Columbia Department of Health which had in the lower bottom corner, DC Public Health and next to that DC Health and next to that District of Columbia Government and under that Mariel Bowser, Mayor both in script that was about one quarter of the size of the Trump/CDC postcard. I worry as likely does the DNC that Biden and Sanders are disappearing from view. I wonder how many of these postcard messages by Trump/CDC went out in the country. I certainly hope that next Fall, the DNC runs clips of Trump's statements minimizing the danger of coronavirus and calling it a Democrat hoax (he quibbles that he did not), using a coronavirus press conference to take out of context what Biden said about his xenophobia and then calling him "slippery Joe Biden", and putting the economy before health in his "trial balloon" of opening the country by Easter. The political ad then could ask: Who do you trust? Or Does this show competence in a crisis?

Can we get a add out showing Lindsey Graham as the Republican National Committee face of the Republican party, anxious to give billions to large corporations but willing to send the country into economic collapse to prevent a minimum wage worker a few extra dollars in their unemployment check. A minimum wage that Republicans refuse to raise. The D's need more adds like the one showing Trump dismissing the covid-19 virus while the number of infections increase. Start controlling the narrative.


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